I Thought the Transfer Window was Closed

Sunday night at 11:59PT was supposed to be the end of the international transfer window, but it seems that perhaps that can be changed. Reports out of newspapers in England indicate the Robbie Keane is on his way out of Tottenham and is making his way over to LA. Here is the report ESPN.

Robbie Keane

How can that be didn’t the transfer window close? Doesn’t LA already have three Designated Players? The answer to both of those questions is YES, but LA may have found there way out of both of them. LA may have just beat the timetable on Sunday night by quickly trading away the rights of Juan Pablo Angel to another team and then quickly signing Robbie Keane to around a 5 million dollar deal.

Juan Pablo Angel

What team would pick up Juan Pablo Angel and his 1 million to 2 million dollar contract? Several teams have the space and need the attacking power. Philadelphia have never signed a Designated Player and have the space in their salary cap to sign Juan Pablo Angel. Also this team has had their problems scoring. After signing Freddie Adu he could get some great service and perhaps fit better into a team like Philadelphia. Chivas USA is another team that could use him. Although they have been thriving at the goal scoring end, they have never had a DP and have never had a face to the team. They have plenty of cap space to make the deal and could always use depth in the attacking end. There has been reports that he may be headed to one of these teams but nothing is certain. Faryd Madragon has made some interesting Tweets about Juan Pablo Angel saying, “He would love to have his brother in Philadelphia.” Sill this does not seem like a concrete transfer statement.

We will know by the end of the day when English clubs announce transfers if the Robbie Keane move actually went through but for now its all rumor. Hopefully Keane comes to the MLS. Another big name move might make more headlines around the world for the MLS.


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