BREAKING NEWS: Adu Not Going to Chivas but Philadelphia?

It seemed that yesterday Freddie Adu was nearly inches from signing with Chivas USA as a Designated Player. Now it seems that the Philadelphia Union may have a chance to sign the 22 year old, as seen in reports on both and , and looks like they will sign the youngster.

Freddie Adu

The thought to be USA national team savior has been playing well in both the Turkish second division this past season with several goals in several appearances and also had a great showing on the national stage for the Gold Cup, willing the team to win in the closing stages of the semi-finals and willing the US team to a 2-0 lead in the finals. With the Turkish league questioning its upcoming season the tide seems right for the USA international to come home. The hype is right and some teams need him.

Chivas USA looked like the team that could use him. Adding him into the attack along with Moreno, Braun, and LaBrocca could have pushed this team into the playoff picture. Questions came up about perhaps adding him as a DP in order to save their position at the top of the Allocation Order, which could open the door to get Eddie Johnson who is currently a free agent. Robin Fraser and company looked in favor of the move that could bring some more publicity to the team as they look for a new stadium and change the look of the team. Unfortunately, the owner backed out at the last minute which has now opened up the door for the Eastern conference contending Philadelphia Union.

It seems that now Philadelphia who sit second in the allocation order may take the chance on the youngster who would be reuniting with Peter Nowak. Some questions still remain though. Should he be given the DP tag in order for Philly to keep their spot in the Allocation order? Is he worth the DP money with so many questions surrounding him? How will he fit into this team?

For sure Philadelphia needs more attack minded players. A team that seems the have a stalwart defense but a questionable scoring ability could use an athlete and talented player like Adu. He could truly be the next piece this team needs to make a run at the MLS Cup Finals. Although this team does not need the hype bringing him into town will definitely bring more spotlight to Philadelphia and its great fans, which may be good for the team and even the league who would get to showcase their great stadium and fans.

PPL Park

For now it looks like Philadelphia is Adu’s destination, but it is a big gamble and I would not be surprised if they pass it up. Reports say we will all know tomorrow when the announcement is expected to be made. If Philadelphia decides to pull a “Feilhaber” and pass him up it looks like Houston may have a chance to sign the talented youngster. Do you think Philadelphia is the right fit for Adu? Leave your comments.

-Zack Kaiser



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