What a Way to End his Career

Is there any better way to end your career than scoring a goal in your own testimonial against the New York Cosmos. Take a quick look at his fantastic finish below.

Testimonial matches are not common in the United States but I have always loved these games. They make the game a celebration for the player and also allows the ticket sales to go to the player’s charity of choice.

Except something seemed different about this game, the inclusion of the New York Cosmos seemed …strange. The makeshift squad made up of U23 players but also some aged stars felt strange to me. Why would Manchester United decide to play a team that doesn’t exist? Perhaps Manchester United wants to help grow the game in the USA and help bring that media attention to England. The game has definitely helped create media attention. I can’t tell you how many articles I have seen recently on blogs and in newspapers about the Cosmos. This build up is great for the Cosmos and their hopes of joining the MLS but also for the league. The money and the attention brought to the league may end up being too much for the league to overlook. The arrival of the New York Cosmos to MLS is inevitable and I expect the team to be announced at the MLS Cup Final this year.

Cosmos Logo

-Zack Kaiser


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