Cosmos Are Back! … for one game

I wish they could just  announce the Cosmos as the 20th MLS. Garber wants it, New York City wants it, the media wants it, and I am sure Umbro wants it (The kit sponsors for the Cosmos). They have even done most of the dirty work an MLS team needs to succeed, have a fan base, created an academy, have built up the hype through games and jersey sales, have the right coaches and people in charge (i.e. Pele and Eric Cantona), but are missing some small things a team needs. Oh yeah a stadium, an strong ownership group, oh and an actually senior team…

Don’t worry all your Cosmos fans your time will come, but for now the best you can do is enjoy a testimonial/friendly against Manchester United later today on Fox Soccer Channel. Wait Manchester United! …didn’t the MLS all-stars play them along with a bunch of other MLS teams. I guess thats another thing the MLS and the Cosmos have in common… Garber just give them a team. He is a quick advertisement of the event.

Did they just say they are the first professional American soccer team since the old Cosmos to play at Old Trafford? I guess they have one step up on MLS. Here is a quick preview of the game from a british perspective.

Here is a quick look at one of the last meaningful games for the Cosmos which also featured my all-time favorite player Pele. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Here is the player list for the New York Cosmos in this match:
Nicky Butt
Wayne Bridge
Chad Calderone *
Sol Campbell
Fabio Cannavaro
Ibrahim Diaby *
Stefan Dimitrov *
David Diosa *
Brad Friedel
Marvin Iraheta *
Robbie Keane
Brian McBride
Dane Murphy *
Gary Neville
Yanik Reyering *
Michel Salgado
Moriken Sangary *
Patrick Vieira

For more information about the players in the squad follow this link to


-Zack Kaiser


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