Analysis: Carlo Costly to Houston

Carlo Costly in Robertson Stadium

Finally, the Honduran lands in Houston. It seemed that enough rumors have popped up in newspapers in mexico, on, and on various other MLS blogs. It seemed about time for the big 6’3” man Carlo Costly to make his way to Houston.

Although he is a big statement signing for the Honduran community and for the hype of the new stadium, he was only loaned for the rest of the season. This brings up the question, are they unsure of this signing? Perhaps they do not want the longterm deal after what happened to Luis Landin? Either way this signing was needed. After Will Bruin recently went out with a knee injury and with Brian Ching having injury issues they definitely need the depth. Not to mention the fact that Garey and Weaver have also not been able to produce this year.

This signing seems like a good move to please the fans who have not had a great signing to cheer about and is also good for their attack. Also this signing does not take a designated player slot… yet. I am sure that is one of the reasons for the loan rather than the complete buyout. His height and strength along with his skills makes him a very strong partner with Brian Ching. This should be the signing that pushes this team into the playoffs. Especially if he plays the way he has played against the USA national team.

Carlo Costly reminds me a lot of Emile Heskey the english international. If he is anything like him this will be a successful signing for Houston.

-Zack Kaiser

(Photo credit to the Houston Dynamo)


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