Trio of Hat Tricks

When HH Stephenson started the saying of Hat Trick in 1878 in cricket, he never thought that it would become as commonly used in as many sports as it does. Suddenly the saying of Hat Trick made it into the rule book of soccer and later Hockey and many other sports.

Last week the soccer Gods would be proud. Three Hat Tricks occurred within the same couple of hours across the country. One from the Portuguese model/Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, one by the english pub master Wayne Rooney, and one from an unlikely starter Sanna Nyassi from the Colorado Rapids. Here is a quick look at all of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Wayne Rooney:

Sanna Nyassi:

Picking which hat trick is better is like picking Kobe Bryant or Lebron James in a pick up basketball game. In my opinion Sanna Nyassi’s hattrick seems the most impressive. Coming off of the injury to Conor Casey the team was looking right away to find a replacement. The surprising move to start Nyassi rather than the former Hull City striker Caleb Folan put a lot of pressure on Nyassi, but he came through against the best team on paper in MLS the New York Red Bulls. He simply outran the offense and finished most of his opportunities. If he can continue to score goals the year ending achilles injury to Casey may soon be forgotten.

-Zack Kaiser


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