USA Women: Player Profiles

Here is a quick look at my personal thoughts about several players in this women’s world cup. This will be the first of several articles in the next two days that will feature the USA Women’s soccer team while also the Men’s Team leading up to the game we have all been waiting for, the women’s world cup final.

These women have in my mind made a big difference or are simply of my interest to talk about.

Megan Rapinoe: What a tournament she has had! She begins the tournament by being forced onto the bench after starting most of the friendlies throughout the year, but then comes on and scores goals and has one of the most famous assists ever in women’s soccer history. Her ability to beat people down the flanks while also her mental strength throughout the whole tournament has been phenomenal. She was forced into a substitute but turned it into a super sub role. Here is a quick video made by some of her fans out there.

Hope Solo: There is not much to say about her except the fact that she is the best in the world and has proved it. I have always said she is one of the few goalies in women’s soccer whole could easily take her skill to the men’s game and succeed. She has been a rock in goal and has had very few mistakes. She is also one of the few keepers that can win games for her team in penalty kicks. You knew she would make a save in penalties when they needed it. Her most important attribute is the confidence she brings to the team. She allows the team to move forward with confidence. She also will most likely have a modeling career when she is all done as well. Here is one soldier in Afghanistan who would love to get to know her.

Abby Wambach: I really hope she can get her first ever world cup win today, she deserves it. Her hard work has paid off and now has given her confidence in the most important moments of her life. She was criticized prior to the tournament of not being able to score but has shown that she comes to play in the important games.

Alex Morgan: She is another player that has been a super sub. She has come with some great speed and attack and she has been a great spark for the team. She reminds me of Landon Donovan in his early days. She has come out of the blue and has surprised many and she will also be here for awhile. She is the future of the team and hopefully her glory begins today.

Good luck to the women’s team today. Either way a deserving team will win today. I feel American today and am excited for the next couple hours!!


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