John Spencer and Alaska Airlines

John Spencer is once again showing off his personality as a hard nosed yet hilarious figure on the MLS scene in this new commercial for Alaska Airlines. You have to love the way this Spencer does not hold back on the truth, while also defending his players and team like his family. Not to mention the media and fans must love Spencer’s choice words for Sigi Schmidt’s after excusing the tie in the Cascadia derby in Seattle because of the weather.

John Spencer continued making noise this weekend by criticizing the referees following some horrible late game calls in their loss to Colorado at home. This is now their second consecutive loss at home. Although the Timbers started off strong, they have had their recent stumbles but could this put Spencer’s job at risk similar to Teitur Thordarson? I don’t think so because they have accumulated a lot of points but still their current road record is 0 wins-5 losses-3 ties not good enough for a playoff caliber team. Also Portland, similar to Vancouver, have come out and said that their team has enough talent to make it to the postseason. So is not making the postseason an underachievement for Portland? I think this team is good enough to make the postseason and should but I don’t think Spencer’s job should be in jeopardy if he does not make the postseason.

I hope Spencer is kept around for the next couple years, but do you think John Spencer will be fired in Portland if they do not make the postseason? Leave your opinions and comments and vote below in the poll.

-Zack Kaiser


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