Goal of the Year: Eric Hassli or Carlos Ruiz

Now a third of the way into the season, we have begun to see two goals stand out from the rest in the race for Goal of the Year in MLS. Both of them volleys and both of them out of nowhere. Eric Hassli’s game tying goal on Saturday versus Seattle was added to the list and for me is the frontrunner for GOTY.

What makes this strike amazing is the circumstances. Seattle had just taken the lead after scoring two goals in a four minute span when all of the sudden Hassli unleashes an absolute bomb from the corner of the box to tie the game. Another astonishing thing is the fact that his touch and shot had purpose. His touch was meant to rise up in the air for the volley and his shot was meant to surprise Keller. Both of those things happened and it was fantastic. I also loved his passion after the goal. He stared straight towards the benches and basically said “answer that.”

Yet, there is competition. Carlos Ruiz’s strike to beat the Chicago Fire was also unbelievable. The circumstances and the type of strike were similar, yet after the game Carlos Ruiz explained that the goal was a “fluke” because he rarely uses his left foot to shoot. Does that diminish the importance and wonder behind his goal? I’m not sure but it sure was fantastic also.

Which goal do you think is the best? Leave your comments below.

-Zack Kaiser


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