Adidas Featuring the MLS and Some Player Named Messi

I have always liked Adidas’s because they love to feature the MLS and its fans especially. This add is great for the MLS and also just for Adidas. They know how to get you dragged into their commercials and how to get you to become a fan of their brand.

The video features several MLS players including Juan Agudelo, David Beckham and Kenny Cooper but also features the supporters groups from the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders. I think the inclusion of the Timbers Army and the Emerald City supporters is great. It shows that the MLS is not just its players but its fans and also shows that Adidas understands that.

Oh yeah… also Messi and Kaka are in the video. Those players are pretty good I guess. Showing them in this video with MLS players and supporters really shows that Adidas values their importance and their legitimacy in the world of soccer.

Here is a quote about the video found on the, “It’s not just another celebration of the beautiful game, it’s a tribute to the kind of love which makes players do the impossible inside the pitch, and pushes fans to overcome any obstacle in the pursuit of watching, embracing, and celebrating their heroes. …Adidas is all in.

-Zack Kaiser



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