Stuart Holden’s Injury Woes Continue

Unfortunately, once again Stuart Holden’s progression as a great player must be postponed after a gruesome tackle was made by Johnny Evans during the Manchester United/Bolton game this past weekend. Stuart Holden was given 26 stitches and will miss the next six months. Stuart Holden was not only making leaps and bounds in the EPL, but looked to be a center piece for the US national team this summer. Hopefully this recovery will bring him to the pitch soon. Our prayers must go out to a player who has given a lot for the game but hasn’t been able to see it pan out completely yet. I expect him to come back with vigor in six months. Good Luck to you Stuart Holden.

So who will replace him in a much needed role in the US midfield. The midfield looked like it would be strong with either Michael Bradley or Maurice Edu paired with Jermaine Jones with Stuart Holden at the top of a triangle formation. Who will fill the top half of the triangle? A couple people believe Bradley may be good in that position but in recent games has not shown consistency to provide creativity to the center of the park. Personally I believe Donovan may be best in the center of the pitch providing some of these passes. Another option could be Clint Dempsey but Dempsey’s production like the way he is with Fulham this year may then be wasted. There will be a lot of questions asked about the US team going into the summer.

-Zack Kaiser


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